Folic Acid Awareness Week

Talking about folate…

In Mexico it is very common, though some see it as only folklore, to remind pregnant women not to skip beans. But it’s good advice: beans are very high in folate, especially pinto beans and black beans! The tradition is that if you are pregnant you need to have some kind of “caldo” (broth) with vegetables and a couple of taco beans for lunch, and that way your baby will be strong and healthy. Beans are a staple food in Mexico, from Frijoles de la olla to frijoles charros and smashed and fried for tacos tostadas and sandwiches. A regular dinner for Mexican children is French bread with beans, cheese, cabbage and lettuce, tomato slices and salsa; and of course you cup of chocolate milk with real chocolate. I could eat this as dinner forever and be happy!