School and Community Farm Stands

SFC Farm Stands are a space where families are able to purchase locally-grown, low-cost produce, engage in our local food system, and gain access to knowledge about cooking healthy, affordable food. They are situated within neighborhoods and familial spaces where people already go to gather and connect - such as schools and community centers. All SFC Farm Stands are food access points under the SFC Double Dollars program, which doubles the value of purchases made using SNAP benefits. Cash is also accepted. Each SFC Farm Stand is operated by individual community leaders with support from SFC.

How do SFC Farm Stands function?

SFC works with Farm Stand sites to prepare a weekly order list featuring a variety of products from local growers. Orders are delivered directly to each farm stand location. Farm Stand Facilitators – community leaders - set up the farm stand, engage volunteer support, and conduct sales for a two-hour period, or until produce is sold out. Any leftover produce is used for cooking classes or donated to nearby food pantries. Farm Stands also offer shoppers printed recipes from SFC’s The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre® program, kids’ activities, and other educational opportunities.

Who runs SFC Farm Stands?

Individual community leaders with support from SFC staff.

  • SFC Farm Stand Facilitators 2017

Who can visit SFC Farm Stands?

Anyone is welcome! Outreach is prioritized toward families that live, learn, play and pray directly within the community where the farms stand is located. School farm stands are a great educational tool for student groups, or anyone looking to become more familiar with cooking at home and using seasonal produce.

Can I start my own Farm Stand?

Yes. Farm Stands are planned collaboratively between the community, the host site, and Sustainable Food Center. As such, strong community leadership is a critical component of a successful farm stand site. Sites will be selected based on a set of criteria that demonstrate the capacity of host site to run the farm stand independently, along with food access indicators.

Host sites must:

  • Be safe for children
  • Be close to parking
  • Located near a restroom and hand washing facility
  • Have capacity for equipment storage
  • Have access to WiFi or LTE for SNAP machine usage


Farm Stand shoppers have noted benefits beyond an increase in access to nutritious, affordable food. Many of these benefits include:

  • Exposing children to fresh produce
  • Modeling healthy behavior in environments where children are already learning
  • Community connections that may not have been made otherwise
  • Increased cultural awareness
  • Learning new recipes

Where can I visit an SFC Farm Stand?

SFC currently supports the following farm stands*:

SFC Farm Stand at Cunningham Elementary (view map)

TUESDAYS 2-4 PM during the school year

SFC Farm Stand at Padron Elementary (view map)

TUESDAYS 2-4 PM during the school year

SFC Farm Stand at Dobie Middle School (view map)

WEDNESDAYS 2-4 PM during the school year (except holidays)

SFC Farm Stand at St. Elmo Road (view map)

WEDNESDAYS 4-6 PM year-round (except holidays)

SFC Farm Stand at Odom Elementary (view map)

THURSDAYS 1:30 – 3:30 PM during the school year

SFC Farm Stand at Dove Springs (view map)

SATURDAYS 10:30 AM-12:30 PM year-round (except holidays)

*list current as of September 2017


Simone Benz, Food Access Projects Manager