Millennials: A Fresh Take on Agriculture

Millennials are quickly finding their niche in the agricultural field; whether it be as farmers, communicators, leaders, teachers, motivators. This group of individuals contains the largest cohort who have lived in an almost entirely digital age, while also being the most educated and diverse generation. This recipe for success is being implemented to change the face of agriculture in innovative and creative ways. Millennials are pushing the boundaries first generation farmers and agricultural communicators set long ago.

For example, 42.2 million American households faced food insecurity in 2015. Feeding that many hungry people is a complex issue and traditional farmers may not have a plausible solution to alleviate this national concern. Conversations around agriculture must move towards a focus on sustainability, environmental issues, social science and services. This shift shows a reflexive outlook and how culture, communities, and the food we consume are at the root of our core values.

The agricultural field also allows for a variety of successes for young adults. Job opportunities include, but are not limited to, high-tech farming, agricultural communication, education and economics. These opportunities create a chance to produce significant and tangible achievements – both short and long-term. For example, agricultural education is keying in on school gardens and how to use those as a tool to teach students with experimentation and hands on learning. Short term, we are seeing gardens popping up in many schools. While long term advantages include the idea that students are learning about the many benefits of gardening while, at an early age, creating a culture that is excited about agriculture.

With the skills, passion and endurance Millennials embody, a promising road lies ahead as they continue to revolutionize the agricultural field.