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What to Plant in March

March brings a decidedly spring vibe to Central Texas, and gardeners usually breathe a sigh of relief when the last chance of frost passes in early March. It is now time to take advantage of the warmer weather and plant our favorite late spring and summer fruits and vegetables. An astonishing variety of plants can be planted right now!

What to Plant in March

  • Asian Greens (all of March, from seed)
  • Basil (mid-to-late March, from seed or transplant)
  • Beans, Snap and Lima (mid-to-late March, from seeds)
  • Beets (all of March, from seed)
  • Cantaloupe (late March, from seed)
  • Chives (mid-to-late March, from transplant)
  • Swiss Chard (all of March, from seed or transplant)
  • Corn (all of March, from seed)
  • Cucumber (all of March, from seed)
  • Eggplant (mid-to-late March, from transplant)
  • Greens, Warm Season (mid-to-late March, from seed)
  • Mint (all of March, from transplant)
  • Mustard (all of March, from seed or transplant)
  • Oregano (all of March, from transplant)
  • Pepper (mid-to-late March, from transplant)
  • Pumpkin (mid-to-late March, from seed)
  • Radish (early-to-late March)
  • Squash, Summer and Winter (mid-to-late March, from seed)
  • Tomatoes (mid-to-late March, from transplant)
  • Turnip (all of March, from seed)

Good places to find seeds and transplants are The Natural Gardener, The Great Outdoors, or other local nurseries that stock organic seeds and plants. Call ahead to see if they have what you are looking for!

Remember to fertilize your soil well with compost and add mulch for soil temperature regulation and water conservation. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your soil healthy and much more, register for one of our classes held throughout the year on a variety of topics. Explore our class offerings here.