Will you come through for our community this holiday season?

Through your generosity we hope to raise $45,000 to continue our work towards transforming the food system, to nourish our health, land, and livelihood.


Every time María went shopping she had to ask herself the question: “How can I feed my family with only $30?”. New to this country, with no vehicle and her kids in tow, Maria had to take three buses just to get to the nearest grocery store.

You and I both know that people like Maria deserve better.

Access to healthy food is a basic human right - regardless of how much money you make. Now, we must expand our work outside the city limits of Austin to ensure that right is available to all.

Cheap, processed foods lead to obesity and diet-related disease, and mass production harms our environment. But if people can’t afford fresh, healthy produce, they can’t buy it.

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Maria brought her food vouchers to the SFC Farmers’ Market where we doubled their value. When she had $30 of vouchers to spend, she walked away with $60 worth of produce. And that extra money went right to small family farmers, who Maria is glad to be able to support.

“I don't know where I would be if no one had told me about The Happy Kitchen and Double Up Bucks.”

When you give to SFC, you give our community the dignity of food access. When you give to SFC, you give someone the chance to have a better life.


When you give today, your gift will be matched by Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

With a gift of $100, you can help 4 families make nutritious holiday meals this winter.


You can be the difference in having fresh fruits and vegetables to put on the table this week.


You can be the reason families don’t have to navigate three buses and travel four hours just to buy groceries.


You can give the gift of gathering around the table this holiday season with an abundance of fresh, locally grown food.


You are a critical part of Maria’s story, and now you have the chance to change more lives.

Families like Maria’s are relying on your generosity. A little help can change everything.

Won’t you give someone else the same chance you gave Maria?

In partnership,

Mark Bethell

Executive Director, Sustainable Food Center


We need you to help us achieve this goal!


Expanding access to healthy food and supporting our family farmers is critical to the health of our future, and we can’t accomplish this goal without your help.

Our community will learn to make healthy food choices, and people will get the skills they need to cook healthy food for themselves and their families.