If you eat, you’re involved in agriculture. SFC is committed to advancing policies that support a vision of agriculture that regenerates land, pays farmers fair wages, and makes the bounty of our region available to everyone, regardless of income.

At the federal level, SFC is an active member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, which works on to reform federal policy to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources and rural communities.

Here in Texas, SFC works with agricultural producers, policymakers, and partner organizations to advance environmental stewardship, direct-to-consumer agricultural marketing, and nutrition incentive programs.

Policy Posts and Action Alerts

Read about our current and past policy work and ways to take action.

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What the 2017 Census of Agriculture says about Texas Farms and Ranches

The U.S. Census is critically important. It allocates government spending, political representation, and guides regional planning.

Just as important is the...

Lightsey Farms Texas Peaches

The Texas Legislature, which adjourned last week, delivered multiple wins for local agriculture and the fight against food insecurity. Three of...

Lightsey Farms - Hands with Texas box and Peaches

As the saying goes, “all politics is local.” That’s why grassroots advocacy is so important.

Last week, we were honored to take part in Local Foods Awareness Day at the Texas Capitol, hosted by our friends at the...

WIC at Market

Two SFC-supported bills (SB 1834, HB 3541) working their way through the Texas Legislature would lay the...

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SFC’s agenda for the Texas Legislative session took its first steps last week when two of our top three priority bills were introduced in the Texas Senate...

WIC at Market

As the old adage goes, “everyone does better when everyone does better.” One of the ways that we can do better here in Texas is by ensuring that all of our neighbors can access and afford nourishing food. Here at SFC, we think that “everyone” also includes farmers.

SNAP incentive programs...

Lightsey Farms

This is it. It’s make or break time for the 2018 Farm Bill. Only a few days remain for Congress to finish a new bill or pass a temporary extension of the old one. Either way, farmers and communities are counting on action. What’s at stake?

● Hands-on training and tools for beginning...

Joy at Rainier Beach

Pictured: Joy Casnovsky at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands in Seattle, during the NSAC summer meeting.


At this point in the session, any bill that has not at least gotten a committee hearing has no real chance of passing. Only one bill (HB 950/SB 330) that we support has gotten a hearing and we need help getting this bill to the finish line! For additional information about this bill, visit...


Texas Senate Bill 1172 would prevent cities and counties from regulating any seed “in any manner, including planting seed or cultivating plants grown from seed.” The language about “cultivating” means that it’s not just about the seeds themselves, but the things the farmers use to grow the...


HB 231 / SB 700: Fair Property Taxes for Small Farmers by Representative Eddie Rodriguez & Senator Judith Zaffirini[1]

  • Currently, counties make it simple for people raising hay, livestock, or...
Ottmers Farm Picking Tomatoes

Spring has sprung at the Texas Capitol! The birds are chirping, the peach trees are blooming, and yours truly (Alex Canepa) is sweating buckets in a necktie. One thing we aren’t sweating is S.B. 776, a bill recently filed by state...



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