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Healthy food is a human right.

Food touches every aspect of the things we care about most: our health, our environment, and our economy. Food has the power to unite, heal, and bring joy.

At Sustainable Food Center, food is at the heart of everything we do. We envision a community where everyone has access to healthy, local food raised with integrity and care - our health, our economy, and our environment depend on it.

Our vision for the future is one of abundance, health, and justice, but we're up against big odds. We ask you to join with us as we work together to grow a sustainable and just food system that benefits everyone in our community.

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Your generosity supports our small, local farmers and increases access to healthy food for everyone in Central Texas. Make a one-time gift today!

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Celebrate SFC’s lasting impact in this community by joining the Sustainer Circle, an exclusive annual program that increases unrestricted funding for our organization.

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Spread the spirit of giving! Create Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, wedding, Giving Tuesday, or just because, and encourage your friends to donate to the cause closest to your heart.

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SFC is thankful for your passion to keep our work in the community. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Robin O'Neil at


SFC is thankful for your passion to keep our work in the community. Your event helps raise awareness and charitable funds for our mission. If you are interested in hosting an event for SFC, contact Naomi Silverman at


Contributions of goods and/or services help SFC move our mission forward – allowing someone to grow their own food, connect with their local farmers for access to affordable, nutritional food, and prepare local food in a healthy manner for their families. Contact for more information on how to donate.


Your planned or deferred gift is a meaningful way to leave a legacy of support to an organization that has played an important role in your life. With thoughtful planning, you have the opportunity to make a significant gift that will benefit the future of SFC and future generations. Learn More.


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