Food is giving.

Life. Health. Connection. Happiness. Heritage. Sharing. Food is community — it has the power to unite, heal, and bring joy.

But did you know heart disease is responsible for approximately 1 in 4 deaths in the United States each year? A poor diet caused by lack of access to healthy food is a major contributor to this chronic disease and impacts our low-income communities the most.

That’s why we're asking for your help. Together we can increase access to healthy food and stop the spread of diet-related disease throughout our community.

When you give a gift to SFC, you help provide the resources and support needed to help all children and adults in Central Texas receive access to fresh, healthy food. Through activities like school & community gardens, organic food gardening classes, Farm to School, SFC Farmers' Markets, SFC Double Dollars, and cooking & nutrition education classes, we grow a healthy and vibrant future for everyone in our community.

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SFC is thankful for your passion to keep our work in the community. Your event helps raise awareness and charitable funds for our mission. If you are interested in hosting an event for SFC, contact Marketing and PR Manager Betsy Boone at betsy@sustainablefoodcenter.org.


SFC is thankful for your passion to keep our work in the community. If you are interested in sponsoring an event for SFC, contact Marketing and PR Manager Betsy Boone at betsy@sustainablefoodcenter.org.


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Contributions of goods and/or services help SFC move our mission forward – allowing someone to grow their own food, connect with their local farmers for access to affordable, nutritional food, and prepare local food in a healthy manner for their families. Contact becca@sustainablefoodcenter.org for more information on how to donate.


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