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If you eat, you’re involved with agriculture. SFC is committed to advancing policies that support regenerative agriculture and small and mid-size family farmers, and makes the bounty of our region available to everyone, especially those who are affected by systemic inequities.

Why Policy?

Policy is much more than the laws and regulations that govern us. Policies are decisions at any level of government that impact people’s lives. By engaging in advocacy, we can help ensure the interests and voices of the communities we serve are front and center when important decisions are made.

How do we engage in policy and advocacy?

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Federal Policy

Our federal food policies are shaped by several departments and agencies, and touch almost all aspects of the food system, from land use to food safety and packaging, to nutrition assistance and education.

SFC is an active member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, which works to reform federal policy. Our goal is to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.

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State Policy

State governments can regulate food produced and sold within state lines. This is particularly important for the local food sector, which SFC exists to support and grow.

We work with aligned organizations and coalitions, like American Heart Association, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, and the Partnership for a Healthy Texas, to advocate for state support for programs that benefit the producers and communities we serve.

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Local Policy

Innovative policies that are enacted at the local level tend to have more immediate implications and can serve as models or pilots for state and federal policies.

We work closely with the Austin-Travis County Food Policy Board and its working groups to improve the availability of safe, nutritious, locally, and sustainably grown food at reasonable prices for all Austin and Travis County residents, particularly those in need.

Policy Posts and Action Alerts

Read about our current and past policy work and ways to take action.

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