About Double Dollars

Double Dollars doubles the dollar amount of Lone Star (SNAP), WIC and FMNP Vouchers. This way, families can get more fruits and vegetables at SFC Farmers’ Markets. Find step by step instructions below on how to use Lone Star (SNAP), WIC and FMNP at SFC’s Farmers’ Markets.


How to get your Double Dollars at the Market

1. Stop by the farmers’ market Double Dollars booth to get started!

2. Exchange your Lone Star (SNAP) and WIC benefits for SFC Market Dollars.

3. Get up to $30 MORE in SFC Double Dollars for fruits and vegetables!

Watch our videos below to learn how you can double your Lone Star (SNAP) and WIC benefits at market.

SFC's Double Dollars Program

Programa Double Dollars de SFC


WIC clients can receive Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers’ markets. Pick up your vouchers at the Double Dollars booth and get $30 in vouchers for each FMNP eligible child and parent.

FMNP vouchers can only be spent at participating markets. The coupons are given out at participating markets in the spring and they expire at the end of the fall season.

SFC offers up to $30 in Double Dollars for each voucher booklet through the SFC Double Dollars project. Double Dollars do not expire and can be used throughout the year. To see if you are eligible to receive FMNP vouchers, contact your local WIC clinic.

Watch our videos below to learn more about how to use FMNP at the SFC Farmers' Markets.

Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

Programa de Nutrición de Mercados Agrícolas

SFC Fotonovela: “Conocza los mercados SFC: Bienestar a tu Alcance”

Our SFC Fotonovela titled “Conocza los mercados SFC: Bienestar a tu Alcance” is an educational tool designed with Spanish speakers in mind. The Fotonovela highlights Austin community members who teach us how individuals and families can get $30 more in fruits and vegetables with their SNAP or WIC card with SFC Double Dollars. Using our SFC Farmers’ Market at the Triangle as a backdrop, this colorful pamphlet depicts how SFC Double Dollars can be used as a resource for families to access fresh and nutritious foods at over 14 locations around town.

Read the full Fotonovela and download below:

SFC Fotonovela

SFC’s Fotonovela is a joint effort between Sustainable Food Center, Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, Latino Health Care Forum and Asian American Resource Center Nonprofit.


If you would like to learn more about SFC’s Fotonovela, please contact Sayuri Yamanaka by phone (512)-220-1145 or send an email to Sayuri@sustainablefoodcenter.org

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Contact our Food Access Team at doubledollars@sustainablefoodcenter.org.