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Cooking and Gardening

We support the long-term health of Central Texans by offering free cooking and nutrition classes, and free gardening education and resources to our local community.

Why We Offer Cooking and Gardening Education and Resources

Due to the systemic barriers to healthy food access, many communities in Central Texas experience high rates of diet-related disease, food insecurity, and hunger. We build on the healthy cooking and gardening traditions that already exist in many of these communities and help expand their access to resources and knowledge that can help them improve their health.

Our cooking and gardening programs offer resources and skill-building to Central Texans so they can grow and prepare healthy food that is:

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We include food systems concepts in our classes, such as shopping at farmers’ markets and growing fruits and vegetables that are tolerant to the Central Texas climate.



We offer free gardening resources and education so individuals can grow and share their own healthy food, and we emphasize healthy, inexpensive recipes in our cooking classes.

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We help participants stay connected to their healthy cultural traditions by integrating those foods into our cooking and gardening programs.

Learn More About Our Cooking and Gardening Work

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The Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Alegre®

Offered in English and Spanish, these free 6-week classes are taught by peer facilitators in communities facing health disparities and food insecurity.

Spread the Harvest Mom With Plants

Spread the Harvest

Offers free seeds, plants, and gardening resources to qualifying individuals, schools, and organizations.

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Intro to Food Gardening

Offered in English and Spanish, these free, hands-on classes are held in communities facing health disparities and food insecurity.

Past Accomplishments

Learn more about the programs and initiatives we have accomplished in the past.