School Garden Support & Training

SFC's Grow Local helped teachers, parents, and community members in the Austin area start, use, and sustain successful school gardens through training and educational materials. School gardens can serve as an outdoor classroom for multiple subjects and connect students to the food system.

School gardens offer children (and adults!) opportunities to grow food and discover how delicious and fun eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be. Research shows that in addition to increasing children's openness to, preference for, and intake of healthy foods, school garden participation improves academic performance, social behavior, and appreciation for the environment.

SFC no longer offers consultation for school gardens. The following organizations provide support for school gardens:


Training and Resources

  • SFC’s Grow Local School Garden Start-up Guide and School Garden Activity Guide (contact us to purchase) provide guidance on how to establish and maintain a school garden and also provide gardening, food systems, and cooking activities for youth.
  • Download our School Garden Planning Worksheet (PDF) at the bottom of this page to help you and your team create a plan for your garden.


  • Free Resources: Enroll your school garden in the Spread the Harvest program and receive free seeds, transplants, compost, and fertilizer.
  • Starting a Garden: Get approval from your campus and district administration first. If you are an AISD school interested in starting or expanding a garden, submit an AISD Application for Schoolyard Improvement Projects. AISD Facilities staff will review and approve the application.
  • Free Classes: Do you work at a school serving a predominately low-income community? We offer Introduction to Food Gardening classes in the fall and spring at various sites in the Austin metropolitan area. Contact us by phone or email for more information.