Farm Direct

Food is connection.

SFC's Farm Direct promotes access to fresh, healthy food by connecting local farmers with schools, worksites, and food service operations and with Austin shoppers through a network of farmers’ markets. This direct connection between consumer and producer strengthens our local economy, provides environmental benefits, and helps promote the culture of food. We envision a future where everyone in our community sources a significant portion of their food from local farmers and ranchers.

Our weekly SFC Farmers' Markets are vibrant events that connect local growers and shoppers to ensure that local, healthy food gets on your plates at home.

Our direct marketing projects — Farm to Work, Farm to School, and Farm Stands — connect local farmers with schools, worksites, and neighborhoods to provide fresh produce to individuals and institutions and strengthen the local economy.


Farm to Work is an employee wellness and Farm Direct marketing project that connects local farmers with employees at partner worksites. Farmers deliver local fruits and vegetables directly to the workplace.


SFC’s Farm to School programming bridges the gap between local farms, school cafeterias and student participation. We work with our network of local farmers and school foodservice professionals to promote locally grown foods in school cafeterias with promotional materials such as bookmarks, posters and local veggie samplings. Farmers also assist in student education by sharing their farm stories at Meet the Farmer Visits.


SFC Farm Stands are a space where families are able to purchase locally-grown, low-cost produce, engage in our local food system, and gain access to knowledge about cooking healthy, affordable food. They are situated within neighborhoods and familial spaces where people already go to gather and connect - such as schools and community centers. All SFC Farm Stands are food access points under the SFC Double Dollars program, which doubles the value of purchases made using...


Farm Direct Projects Farmer Participation Application

If you are a farmer and are interested in participating in any of the SFC Farm Direct projects - Farm to Work, Farm to Cafeteria, Farm to School, or Farm to Family - please fill out our online application »


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