SFC Farmers' Market Volunteers

What makes up a great farmers’ market? Farmers, ranchers, fresh veggies, live music, and don’t forget volunteers! About 40% of our volunteer team give their time to support your SFC Farmers’ Markets. With a total of more than 700 volunteer hours in the past year, our market volunteers are a force to be reckoned with!

We host a sampling booth at SFC Farmers’ Markets, called Taste the Place. Few know that Taste the Place is volunteer run! Every week volunteers shop, chop, and prepare vendor goods for the market’s customers to taste and learn about vegetables they would not normally try. Volunteers bring their creativity and love for food to the bites they prepare. Taste the Place allows vendors to showcase their great products and shoppers to try a variety of foods available at the market that day. Our Taste the Place team amazes us every week, with creative food pairings and their growing knowledge of SFC vendors and our mission. They engage shoppers, talk about delicious food, and introduce folks to foods they have never seen or tried!

Volunteers also share their talents at the market Information Booth. Volunteers are trained on all things SFC and provide great customer service to market shoppers! From answering questions like “is someone selling eggs today?” to “what does SFC do in addition to running farmers’ markets?” our volunteers are an extension of the passion we have to create a vibrant network of markets that connect local farmers and shoppers to ensure local, healthy food gets on your plates at home. We love watching and hearing about the interaction between volunteers and shoppers. It is a great reminder of how amazing our volunteers truly are!

SFC Farmers’ Markets see thousands of shoppers every week looking to connect with farmers, ranchers, know their community, and buy really great food! SFC volunteers help to make our markets a memorable experience! Thank you!

Want to join SFC’s Volunteer team? Attend a volunteer orientation and learn more!