How do I become a SFC Farmers' Market Vendor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our SFC Farmers' Markets. We appreciate all applications to the market, but we are limited to the number of vendors we can have at each market, as we strive to create a diverse market structure without compromising our current vendors.

Before you Apply:

1. Do you know what type of vendor you are?

2. Do you know which Sustainable Food Center Farmers’ Market locations you would like to attend?

3. Do you know which permits you need?

We have tried to simplify the process as much as possible with this table, but not all permits transfer across markets. Be sure you know which ones you need. For additional questions and a full list of laws and government policies please visit:

See Permit Types »

Which permit(s) do I need?

Note: If your operation is a mix of categories you are required to acquire permitting for all categories covering the products you provide

For example: If you are an Ag Producer that provides cooked samples you must be permitted to distribute samples to the public (Permits and licenses required would depend on the nature of the samples provided).

* Farmers may use a Class A Farmers Market Permit to sample raw vegetables

** Cottage Food Industry must comply with HB 970

4. Have you read the SFC Farmers’ Market Policy?

5. Do you have your $25 application fee ready?

6. If accepted you will be required to:

  • Provide copies of all necessary permits, certifications, and licenses
  • Pay the $125 Annual Fee prior to starting markets

* These rates were determined by the SFC Farmers’ Market Vendor Council

What to expect from the application process

We review applications as a team. The primary criteria that we are looking for is that your product fits within our SFC Farmers’ Market Policy guidelines. We also check to see if the product you sell is currently saturated at the market location(s) that you are applying for and consider any other factors that may be relevant to your application.

Within 2 weeks of your application date we will contact you to find out more information, schedule a sampling, and/or provide you with one of three possible statuses:

  • Approved – You have been provisionally approved and will be required to provide copies of all necessary permits, certificates, licenses, and pay your Annual Fee. Once all permits, certifications, licenses, and fees are received new vendors will be given a start date for the first market of the month following.
  • Hold – Your application will be kept on file for one year and if a spot opens up at the market you will be notified.
  • Rejected – You have not been accepted, most commonly due to the business not meeting the criteria laid out in our SFC Farmers' Market Policy.