You can plant the seeds for a healthy future.

Right now, all across Austin, there are children who are struggling. Many live in areas without safe outdoor space or access to healthy fruits and veggies.

Without these things, kids are unhealthy and lack the ability to develop the skills they need to feel strong and successful.

School gardens give kids the chance to be outside and play while they learn about their food and their environment.

Your investment will help us provide free training, seeds, plants, and soil to Austin teachers through our Spread the Harvest and School Garden Leadership projects.

Recently, I learned about a young 5th grade boy who was having a very difficult time. He was removed from his school and sent to a disciplinary campus. He was disengaged and did not want to participate in many of the activities offered.

Until he learned about the school garden. By working in the garden with his teachers, he was finally able to connect. At the end of the year, he helped to harvest all of the food he had grown. He was genuinely thankful and said that he had always wanted to have a garden, but it had never worked out.

This was the first time he really felt successful.

Donate today and provide the support our teachers and schools need to build vibrant gardens for Austin schoolchildren.

Thank you for believing in the power of good food. Your support plants the seeds of healthy future for us all.


Ronda Rutledge, Executive Director

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