Fight for Good Food

Will You Join the Fight?

This might shock you. More than 1/2 of the fresh fruit and nearly 1/3 of the fresh vegetables sold in America today are imported from other countries.

Imported food travels great distances, causing environmental harm from carbon emissions and pollution. By the time it reaches your plate, imported food will be less fresh, and less nutritious, than locally grown produce.

You have the power to make a change. Your gift today supports fresh, healthy food, grown with care, right here in Central Texas.

Did you know our Spread the Harvest project has helped nearly 26,000 individuals grow their own food through school, community and backyard gardens?

Your gift of $60 provides enough seeds to support an entire school garden in Austin.

Spread the Harvest is pretty much our only source of plants/seeds/compost for this fall. We have very limited funds… the resource giveaway has made our fall garden possible. Thanks big time!” - Spread the Harvest participant at Rodriguez Elementary

Locally grown food tastes better, is better for you, and better for our planet.

Will you #FightForGoodFood and make sure that local, sustainable food stays available for all?