I had a nightmare it was #GivingTuesday

I woke up this morning in a panic.

I dreamt it was #GivingTuesday and everyone here at Sustainable Food Center had forgotten about it. No emails were sent, no videos were made, and our social media had gone silent.

After a few ragged breaths, I calmed down and remembered: #GivingTuesday was a week ago! And what a great day it was!

We are so thrilled by the level of support we received from our community last week. Because of you, we raised nearly $4,500 in just 24 hours - what an incredible level of support!

But did you know that #GivingTuesday was just the start of our year-end giving campaign?

Each year, we reach out to you and ask for your individual support of our programs. Your year-end gift supports our local farmers and helps all Central Texans access healthy food.

As the month continues, we’ll be sharing more stories with you about our work and how your donation makes a difference in our community.

By December 31st we need to raise a critical $55,000 to support our programs. And the best part? Because of the generosity we received on #GivingTuesday, we’ve already made progress toward that goal!

Please, if you did not have a chance to support us on #GivingTuesday, consider making a tax-deductible, year-end gift before December 31st.

Your contribution makes a huge impact on our programs, and supports a vibrant local food system for everyone in Central Texas.