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A Letter From Our Executive Director

Last year, our agency invested in outside consultation to help us address the critical issues of farmland loss, east Austin displacement and environmental degradation given Austin’s explosive growth. As a result of this 9-month visioning session, and with input from a large number of our partners, we’re pivoting to focus more upstream to deal with the systemic and policy issues surrounding farm viability and food access and education. We also have a reimagined set of core values and goals, as well as a renewed mission statement to cultivate a just and regenerative food system so that people and the environment can thrive!

This means re-homing some of our direct service work like for-fee food gardening and, eventually, for-fee cooking classes, while still maintaining some gardening and cooking/nutrition education for our most vulnerable populations. SFC’s areas to develop going forward include more farmer support, regenerative agriculture and expansion of food access. For a quick look at our new vision, please refer to this document: Regenerate Our Land, Reform Our Food . You will start to see these changes reflected on our website over the coming months.

Founded almost 45 years ago with a primary goal to teach people to grow their own food, SFC honors the legacy programs that have shaped our organization and lead the way for many other agencies and projects to take seed and germinate. We are excited to have several partners in the local food system who will lean in where we’re stepping back a bit. We want to be collaborative such that every partner plays to their strengths. Our role is in service to the local food system; we’re entrusted to carry out our service in unity with strong partners who we’ll work alongside to build a new vision for the Central Texas food system.

As an ED who has served this agency for over 13 years, I’m super excited about what’s ahead for SFC and the Central Texas food shed. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact me and set up a time to chat. We want to bring all of you closer to this work as we embark on a bold new venture!

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