Regenerate Our Land, Reform Our Food

Sustainable Food Center's Vision for the Central Texas Food System

Throughout 2018, Sustainable Food Center went through an in depth 9-month visioning process. We asked ourselves, “What are the challenges facing the Central Texas food system, and what can we do face them head on?” The result is a reimagined set of core values, mission, and goals.

We established a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to increase the amount of local food consumed by residents in Central Texas by 2035. The exact percentage we will aim to increase local food consumption will be established through detailed research in partnership with other food systems organizations. This research will take place during the first implementation phase of our new vision.

In order to achieve our BHAG, we identified eight strategic priorities where we will focus our efforts and work with partner organizations. These priorities will guide our programs and pivot the organization to address the needs of the communities we serve - all with an eye toward creating large, transformational impact on the Texas food system.

Over the next 3 years, SFC will reorganize our programs in order to be more strategic, systems-focused and achieve greater impact.

Read our full report below to learn more about our new vision for the Central Texas food system.

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