What to Plant in May

May is the beginning of the slow, summer season for vegetable gardeners in Central Texas. There are still a couple things that you can plant right now, but you should be focusing on mulching your pepper transplants, babying your melons, and pruning your tomatoes. Check out what you can plant in May below:

What to Plant in May

  • Cantaloupe (May 1-31, from seeds)
  • Greens, Warm Season (May 1-31, from seeds)
  • Okra (May 1-31, from seeds)
  • Peas, Southern (May 1-31, from seeds) – i.e. Black-eyed peas, NOT snap peas
  • Pepper (May 1-15, from transplant)
  • Potato, Sweet (May 1-31, from slips)
  • Pumpkin (May 1-31, from seeds)
  • Squash, Winter (May 1-31, from seeds)
  • Watermelon (May 1-31, from seeds)

Good places to find seeds and transplants are The Natural Gardener, The Great Outdoors, or any other local, organic nursery. Call ahead to see if they have what you are looking for!

Make sure that you are conserving as much water as possible as we enter into the hotter months of the year. Sign up for our classes, held throughout the year to learn about water conservation techniques and much more. Explore our class offerings here.