Keep Cool in the Garden

The days are definitely heating up, but don't let that stop you from getting out in the garden--summer veggies need lots of love and care, and the weeds will take over if you don't make inroads daily. There are lots of tricks for keeping cool when the mercury rises--here are our top five tactics for battling summer's intensity.

  • Stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced. Feeling dizzy? You're probably dehydrated. In addition to drinking lots of water, you can replenish lost minerals and keep your blood sugar stable by stopping for a snack of lightly salted, ice-cold watermelon to replace lost fluids, sugar, and salt (way better for you than processed sports drinks, which are full of chemicals and questionable ingredients).
  • Wear light colors to deflect the sun's rays. Dark colors absorb the heat and will definitely feel hotter in the sun.
  • Protect your head. A wide-brimmed hat keeps sun off your face and keeps your head cool, which in turn keeps you cooler all around.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen! Many a time we've gone out in the early morning when the garden is shady, only to stay out until mid-day and wind up lobster-red and blistered. Anticipate bright sun and put sunscreen on before you need it.
  • It sounds counter-intuitive, but long sleeves can be a gardener's best friend. Wear something loose-fitting but keep your arms covered, protected from the worst of the sun as well as blackberry brambles and okra itchiness, and you'll be glad later!