What's In Your Bag Dahlia?

We're there for the food, for sure, but almost just as motivating in getting us out of bed on Saturday morning is the opportunity to catch up with our friends! We were so happy to run into dedicated and always-smiling long-time SFC volunteer Dahlia Ture. With her bag full of blowsy flowering onions and her hands full of juicy, sweet blackberries, we had to know what she had cooking! Her plans included a rustic blackberry galette, a spring potato salad with Dai Due mustard and thinly sliced fennel, and a cucumber salad with the onion flowers. Dahlia had her eye on fragrant, ripe Lightsey peaches too, but she didn't think they would make it as far as a recipe.

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Hope to see you at the market--if you see us taking pictures, come say hi and tell us what you're cooking.