Sweet, Sweet Farmers’ Markets

“Is anyone selling fruit at market today?” Oh, if I had a dollar every time I heard that, I’d be able to buy more than a few pounds of peaches! Why is it that we don’t have more fruit at our market? Between the blink-and-you’ll-miss it strawberry season and the seemingly endless stretch between peach seasons, it can be a little frustrating. However, the amazing thing about our local vendors (all farmers selling at Sustainable Food Center Farmers’ Markets are located within 150 miles of Austin), is that the fruit that you buy from our farmers is the freshest -and therefore tastiest- around.

Some of those farmers include Hairston Creek, Fruitful Hill, Flintrock and Kubena Farms selling strawberries when they’re in season and Margaret’s Farm selling blackberries when they’re in season. Lightsey Farms, Engel Farms, and Engel Orchards (John Engel’s Father’s orchard) are selling peaches and plums right now with persimmons and pears later in the season. If you’re looking for figs, Lightsey, Oma and Opa’s, Fat Frog Farm and sometimes Urban Roots will be able to supply you! Here is a good link for general seasonality, though as we said earlier this year, these dates can vary depending on temperature and rainfall. I like to ask my farmers about what they will be bringing to market, and they are always happy to tell me!

Well, I hope you’re not feeling down about the… specialized availability in Central Texas. Just in case you are, I’ve got a foolproof cure for those fruitless blues: stuff yourself silly with peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes, blackberries, figs and plums whenever they are available. No medicine has ever tasted sweeter!