SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley Driving Directions

There will be a new way to enter the SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley this coming Saturday because of construction for a new bus terminal for AISD. Shoppers who typically come from the south and use Jones Road to access the market’s parking will not be affected. The customers who use the 290 access road and usually turn into the Toney Burger Center parking lot by the center’s big sign will no longer be able to enter there.

We have a solution for you! Turn early, before the center, or turn late, after the closure!

Banners will be out beginning this weekend to give you directions where to turn. For your reference, you can turn right at Ernest Robles, just after Kohl’s, or, turn right on Sunset Trail after you pass the market. Follow the signs and you can then use Jones Road to approach the market and follow the signs at Pillow Road to get you into the same parking lot that you have always used, right by the market. The parking at Toney Burger Center is always free.

Our Saturday SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown is no stranger to parking that sometimes seems limited---but actually is not. Customers have options to either:

  • park in the free 103 parking spaces that are in the flat surface lot right next to the market (early birds get rewarded with plenty of parking), or;
  • grab a parking meter that is free until 11 am at a nearby spot close to Republic Square Park, or;
  • take in a walk for 2.5 blocks and get a free spot to park at City Hall.
  • If you don’t mind the charge for parking in the garage next to the market, you can gain access to more than 600 parking spaces for $3 until 11 am (with no time limit on when you need to exit that garage). It becomes $5 for entry after 11 am. Parking meters become $1 per hour after 11 am.

Customers for the Downtown location can always check out the up-to-date information on any construction or event road closures on Saturdays by going to the Downtown Austin Alliance’s Get Around section at