Our Suzanne

It takes a village. No one understands community like SFC's own Suzanne Santos. A tireless advocate for local farmers, ranchers, and food vendors, she's been integral to making sure Austin has access to local, healthy food and that farmers have the opportunity to make a living growing good food. In the many years with our organization, she’s fed us with peaches and figs from her own trees and inspired us with her enthusiasm for local food, always looking for ways to help others. And now she needs us.

After some unsettling symptoms over the past week, hospital tests revealed a mass in her brain, and she required surgery this week to better determine a diagnosis and course of treatment. The procedure went well and her surgical team successfully removed all of the tumor; she still has a long road ahead of her, though. True to her nature, her first thoughts are for her beloved food community and our farmer friends who are currently facing challenges of their own. She called asking that we express her gratitude for the love and healing thoughts so many have shared, but also her hopes that we remember that we're stronger together, a lesson she's taught by example for as long as we've known her. Keep her close in your thoughts, and know as you also remember and reach out a helping hand to our friends atSpringdale Farm, Green Gate Farms, Swede Farm, and Hairston Creek Farm, that we're building the kind of community that will make her proud.