New Community Farm Stands

As we know (but probably don’t like to admit!); getting to farmers’ markets can sometimes be tough, despite our best intentions. A reality for many Austin families is that between working 2 jobs and raising a family, time can be a real constraint. Shopping trips are carefully budgeted, both time and money-wise and fast food options can many times seem convenient. Nonetheless, community leaders know that access to fresh fruits and vegetables is critical to the health of our families and future generations, and that by working together we can create solutions that work best for the community. In collaboration with SFC, community leaders are organizing weekly farm stand at their site. We’re partnering with Farm Share Austin to supply wonderful, fresh organic produce, knowing that a huge component of Farm Share’s work is guided by a food access goal of getting organic food on the tables of those who are most food insecure in our community.

This week, we’re all smiles – our first farm stand was a success! Community leaders took on the monstrous task of getting the word out to the 400 families living in their apartment complex, and their hard work showed! By 2:45 p.m., a crowd awaited anticipating the 3:00 opening. The first 20 minutes were a blur of excitement for everyone, and the farm stand sold out before closing time.

Olivia is happy with two bunches of crunchy organic carrots in hand. “Everything is very fresh. I like the time and it’s near my house.” Armando is new to the community, and noticed the colorful farm stand through his apartment window. “It’s a blessing, because we are here to help each other. We’re all working together for better health, to live better – just like it should be.” We couldn’t agree more!