Kids Chefs Club - Build a Farmers' Market Lunch!

Build a Farmers Market Lunch with fruits & vegetables THAT ARE in season along with whole grains, protein, and dairy!


When at home keep these below options in mind as you build your healthy lunchbox!

Vegetables- Salads, fresh cut veggies with dips, on wraps or sandwiches, fruit & veggie smoothie pops

Fruits – Fresh fruit cut or left whole, dried fruits mixed with nuts, frozen smoothie pops

Whole Grains – Popcorn, Whole grain pancakes & waffles, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat breads, oatmeal

Protein – Cold meat, Nut butters (peanut butter), nuts & seeds, bean tacos, bean salad, boiled eggs, egg salad, hummus to dip

Dairy & Oils – Cheese slices with crackers, yogurt frozen pops, yogurt parfaits (fruit, yogurt, and granola), milk carton, cheese tacos, cheese on salads, guacamole

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FB: @kidskitchentx

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