Eat a Rainbow

Kids! The best way to stay healthy and have fun eating is to taste new and colorful foods all the time. Fearless Food Tasters are kids like you who eat fruits and vegetables from all colors of the rainbow. How do you become an SFC Fearless Food Taster? Follow these steps:

  • Pick up a Fearless Food Taster card from the Taste the Place Tent at any of the four SFC Farmers' Markets.
  • Taste as many different kinds and colors of food from the Taste the Place tent at the SFC Farmers Markets.
  • Each card has a color wheel printed on it. Mark the color(s) of the food(s) you taste.
  • Bring this card with you to every SFC Farmers' Market and keep marking off colors as you try more foods.
  • Once you mark off all the colors on the color wheel, turn in your card at the Taste the Place tent and…
  • Get your Fearless Food Taster Certificate!!!