Dinner Meal Planning Made Easier…even during SXSW!

I joke that I spend 75% of the time thinking about food and planning meals, but I rarely write it down; it all lives in my head. However, I finally bought a dry erase board for the refrigerator where I could write down my meals I have planned. This week started with a cabbage—what to do with the two heads of cabbage I have from the SFC farmers’ market? Cabbage and potato soup immediately came to mind. There were a few items I needed from the store, so I purchased items that I could use in multiple meals and pair with items I already had in my kitchen. Being that last week was SXSW, I front-loaded recipes for the beginning of the week, knowing that we would probably generate leftovers and could eat that for lunch or for a quick meal later in the week.

Meal Plan

Mushroom Quesadillas and Pinto Beans (Saturday night)

Cabbage & Potato Soup with Sausage (Sunday night)

Mushroom and Green Onion Quiche with Sautéed kale (Monday night)

Leftover Soup (Tuesday night)

Shrimp Newburg over Brown Rice w/cabbage slaw (Wednesday night)

Thursday—TBD (it’s SXSW!)

Friday—TBD (it’s SXSW!)

Grocery List

Potatoes (soup)

Milk (soup, quiche, shrimp Newburg)

Sausage (soup; freeze leftovers for future meals)

Fresh Dill (reminds me that I need to plant some!)

Mushrooms (quesadillas, quiche)

Green onions (quesadillas, quiche)

Monterrey jack cheese (quesadillas, quiche)

Items I already had at home

Cabbage (soup, slaw)

Kale (serve with quiche)

Leftover frozen shrimp (shrimp Newburg)