A Letter from Our Executive Director

Healthy food is a human right, don’t you agree?

Health care is too. I spent my professional career in healthcare before coming home to the Sustainable Food Center a year ago. I have seen firsthand how important food is in our overall health.

So many people in this country struggle to feed their families and often sacrifice their own individual health to assure their loved ones can get food. With your help, they don’t have to struggle anymore.

Your support gives families food – not just any food, but fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.


When you give to the Sustainable Food Center, you give more than food.

You give families peace of mind knowing their kids will be well-fed.

You support local farmers to grow healthy crops without harmful chemicals or pollutants.

You support our local economy, rural farms, and businesses.

With your help, families like Maria’s will get to make their favorite holiday foods, introduce their kids to new vegetables, and keep their families healthy and well-fed.

All because of you!

I hope you are as inspired by Maria’s story as I am and that you will donate today.

Thank you and have a happy holiday.

Mark Bethell