Conquer The Holidays: Gain Wisdom, Not Weight

The holidays... (is it that time already?!?!) are a wonderful time to spend with the people you love and cherish. They also, however, can be a time of stress, chaos, too much travel and way too much eating and drinking.

It IS possible to enjoy yourself and not feel utterly disgusted by how bloated you feel on January 1st. Continuing to practice health during the holidays does not mean you can’t have any fun either. It’s that balance that is so hard for us to achieve, and the pendulum swing from food prison to reckless abandonment sucks the energy and life out of us.

We have teamed up with Carly Pollack, owner of Nutritional Wisdom. She has created a 6-week online course called Conquer The Holidays: Gain Wisdom, Not Weight. This course contains some amazing and not so obvious tools for how to conquer the holidays.

This course will help you get through the holidays while staying true to your vision of optimal health. It will teach you how to feel good in your body and your mind, to like what you see in your photos, and most importantly, to wake up on New Year’s Day feeling like you are already on track and you haven’t missed a beat. You can rise above the New Year resolutions, discounted gym memberships, and pre-packaged food programs. And although you will need to increase your discipline, you don’t have to be in food prison in order to get there.

Carly will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Sustainable Food Center.

Check out the course here!