Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Starts May 2nd

The Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program starts Saturday, May 2nd. The program benefits low income families in Travis County that receive Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) benefits by providing them with $30 in vouchers that can be redeemed at nine farmers’ markets in the Austin area. The vouchers will be used to purchase locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables. Families can double the value of their vouchers at all 4 SFC Farmers' Markets through our Double Dollar Incentive Program.

If you receive WIC benefits, please bring your WIC shopping list to the five markets below to pick up your vouchers. Vouchers can also be redeemed at those same markets and the three other participating markets: Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller, HOPE Farmers Market and Plugerville Pfarmer’s Market. For more information, contact Hilda at hilda@sustainablefoodcenter.org or 512-220-1136.

  • Green Gate Farms - 8310 Canoga Ave., Every Tuesday 3pm - 6pm, Friday 10am - 2pm, and Saturday 10am - 2pm