We're In This Together: Theme for Healthy New Year

This year, instead of making a single New Year’s Resolution (which, honestly, probably wouldn’t last past March) we’re trying an idea from professional coach, Susan Combs, who suggests choosing a theme for the year and then trying out a new resolution each month.

Our theme for 2015 is: We’re In This Together. To be healthy, individually and as a community, we depend on each other. What better way to support good health than cooking and sharing food with each other!

In January, we resolve to share and try at least 1 new recipe each week (healthy and seasonal, mostly). In February, maybe we’ll start a weekly family/friends cooking night. Other month-long possibilities:

  • Collaborate with family on a weekly menu plan
  • Once a week, team up with a friend to prepare and pack a week of lunches or dinners
  • Take a cooking class with a friend
  • Bring something homemade (and healthy) to share with co-workers
  • Join a Community Garden and learn to grow what you cook (bonus: you’ll have so much produce, you’ll have to share!)

Let us know what resolutions you are making, and check back with us for updates!