Maintaining Healthy Habits

When it comes to sticking with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, things can get off track so fast! I wanted to share a few things that have helped me keep up with eating healthy, staying fit, and falling in love with the process instead of hating all of the changes.

Seasonality is key for me when it comes to cooking! Incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps you intake more nutrients as well as take the boring parts of healthy eating out of the picture. Knowing what fruits and vegetables are in season are helpful in ways such as:

  • Buying peaches in bulk when they are in season instead of another fruit to add to your meals. This adds variety and is most likely being sold at a lower cost because the fruit is in season!
  • Also, if a different kind of vegetable is in season like pumpkins, I always try to find simple recipes I might like on the internet or just looking at other fitness blogs. Doing this will help you discover healthy options you might not have considered before.

Meal prepping is very useful especially when cooking things like rice or chicken. This is because you can always make extra and then create new recipes or have the same thing throughout the week. With that being said for me it is really hard to eat the same thing multiple times a week!

  • What I like to prep is something like stuffed zucchini, this is a great recipe to meal prep because it has lots of ingredients in the dish already. So, when you add it to things like scrambled eggs it is even more flavorful than before, and it requires minimal cooking time if you’re in a hurry!

Being active is something I learned to love, it did not always feel like a natural thing I wanted. Trying different things is important when introducing yourself to an active lifestyle especially if you don’t like what you’re doing. For instance, if you hate strength training and try to go lift weights four times a week, you most likely won’t stay active! Here are some things I learned along the way that keeps me happy with my lifestyle:

  • Trying a new workout at least once every two weeks.
  • Go hike, ride a bike, swim, or run as much as you can! These activities can be free and being in the gym can get old and burn you out.
  • Reach out and help out in your community.
  • Things like gardening, walking your dog, and even cleaning the house is being active! Just because you didn’t spend three hours at the gym, doesn’t mean you didn’t accomplish something for yourself.

Fall in love with changing your lifestyle. Try new things to improve your body, mind, and health. Making these changes become so much more beautiful when you are loving what you do and what you eat.