Heart Health and The Happy Kitchen

If you have heart disease, or are concerned that you might develop heart disease, you probably already know a few things about a heart-smart diet.

You know not to eat unhealthy fats, refined carbohydrates and too much sodium. And you know you should eat more vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. But do you know how to take this good dietary advice and turn it into good choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? It’s simple: get more involved with your food preparation!

Cooking your own food has many rewards. For starters, when you make it yourself, you always know what is in your food. People who cook at home also tend to eat fewer calories and better quality meals. For families, even the simplest home-cooked meal is an opportunity for both bonding and teaching healthy eating habits. And, when you make meals from scratch, you support more small producers, like farmers.

The Happy Kitchen offers Central Texans practical ways to reclaim their kitchens, gaining the nutritional knowledge and cooking skills they need to establish lifelong healthy habits. In our Community Cooking Classes and our Public Cooking Classes, participants learn and share meal planning strategies, shopping tips and essential cooking skills for preparing whole foods meals that focus on seasonal, locally grown and economical ingredients. Led by community facilitators, guest teachers, local chefs, SFC staff and Farmers’ Market vendors, Happy Kitchen classes provide a fun, friendly and hands-on approach to learning.

Learn more about The Happy Kitchen classes and how you can get involved here.