February Resolution: Cooking Together

It’s already February, so it’s time for a new resolution in The Happy Kitchen! In case you missed it, we’ll be choosing a different kitchen goal for each month of 2015.

In January, we committed to trying a new recipe each week, so if you followed along and enjoyed it, we hope you’ll keep trying new recipes. If you stick to all 12 resolutions, you could wrap up the year with 12 new cooking habits!

If you’re just joining us, or if you weren’t able to stick with it in January, the good news is that you get to start fresh with a new resolution this month.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, our resolution for February is to cook with someone we love. Have a friend over to make brunch, let your kids help with dinner, or plan a date to cook with your partner. Maybe you have a recipe that you love to share with others, or maybe you’ve been wanting to learn exactly how your mom makes the perfect roasted parsnips every time. Maybe you’ve always been intimidated by the constant stirring of risotto, or the extra time to make homemade ravioli, or maybe you’ve just been avoiding making a great pot of vegetable soup because you didn’t want to have to do all the chopping alone. This is the month!

Let us know how it goes, and check the blog for updates on our experiences in the kitchen!