A Taste of African Heritage

Did you know that this week marks the start of both Black History Month AND African Heritage & Health Week!

African Heritage & Health Week is one of the many initiatives of Oldways, an organization out of Boston that promotes heritage and traditional diets as part of the path to good health. We couldn’t be more excited to host their series, A Taste of African Heritage, here at SFC on Thursdays from April 2 to May 7 from 6:30-8:30 PM. For an extra local connection, their Austin-based facilitator will be paired with one of our Happy Kitchen facilitators, who will share additional information on local availability by season, vegetable gardening, and farmers’ markets.

The series teaches that diabetes and hypertension are not a part of African heritage, and helps participants reclaim their history by exploring a flavorful, plant-based diet that is naturally low in cholesterol, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium.

How are you celebrating Black History Month and African Heritage & Health Week?

Might we suggest signing up for the class, or making one of Oldways recipes like this cabbage slaw or these braised collard greens? You can even stop by the SFC Farmers’ Market East to pick up your ingredients from farmer Margaret of Margaret’s Farm, who will be featured later this week in conjunction with African Heritage & Health Week!