You Can Support Small, Sustainable Farms

A screen door clangs as the sun peaks over the horizon. Chickens roam free and fields of produce are waiting for harvest. This is a typical morning on Hat and Heart Farm. Farmers Bradley Ottmers and Katherine Tanner are the newest generation to grow on this 50-year old farm, carrying on their family traditions.

Farming is hard work. It’s 7 days a week, dawn till dusk, in a constantly changing environment. And small operations like Hat and Heart Farm have limited resources to support their way of life. Especially when you farm largely by hand like they do.

But it’s their passion to help feed the world healthy, sustainable food that drives them.

Katherine in Field

“When you buy something from us, it was planted by hand, weeded by hand, harvested by hand…Sustainability is a way of life for us and many small farms. We want to ensure the future of our farm and the ability to grow food.” Katherine Tanner, Hat and Heart Farm.

Now imagine a future where every time you cook a meal you are supporting a farm just like Hat and Heart Farm.

Your #GivingTuesday gift to SFC provides the support our local, sustainable farmers need to thrive.

Make today your day to give back to our local farming community. Together we can build a future where our food regenerates the land and protects our planet for generations to come.

Make your gift today!

Giving Tuesday