Support SFC and Give Back to Texas Farmers

Maria’s journey to nourish her health and the health of her family is one that truly represents the importance of an equitable local food system.

Farmland farm.png

When Maria went to the SFC Downtown Farmers Market she saw firsthand the vital role that local farmers play in growing and selling nutritious, culturally relevant foods, going so far as to say, “Farmers Markets are local, they are making a difference in my life…. The first time I went to the [Farmers’] Market, I just felt like I was in my country.” Every fruit, vegetable, egg, and meat sold at our Farmers’ Markets are not only grown with the utmost care but contributes to a sustainable local economy that cares for our land and supports the livelihoods of small farmers and their families.

But our work doesn’t stop with the Farmers’ Markets, Sustainable Food Center is striving to transform the entire food system, from how food is grown, the ways people access it, to how our voices can be heard and shared to advocate for a better food future. Support Maria, your local farmers, and the work Sustainable Food Center are doing by donating this year to grow our work and our impact across Texas.

Your donation today will support SFC’s work and give Maria and others access to the resources and programs they need in order to continue improving their lives and supporting their community.