Sustainable Food Center

SFC's Statement on the January 6th Events at the Capitol

Yesterday, our American democracy was threatened. At SFC, our core values stand in direct opposition to the shocking and seditious actions taken by the mob who stormed our nation’s Capitol. Like many of you, we watched the events unfold with a myriad of emotions, from anger, sadness, outrage, and more. We recognize the stark difference in response given to these extremists versus how peaceful racial justice demonstrators were treated over the summer, and know there is still much work to be done to overcome racism in our country.

We are deeply troubled by the disruption to our constitutional processes and condemn the violence that took place, as we condemn violence in any form. We want to acknowledge the distress that many of you may be feeling at this moment - you are not alone. As we embark on 2021, still deep amidst a global pandemic, we recommit to our work to support our community through our values of connection, learning, and equity. We are here with you and together we will continue on our path toward greater justice for all.