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Introducing Kitchen Classroom Rentals at SFC

With A New Vision, Comes A New Direction

With SFC’s new vision, we’re challenging ourselves to adapt to Austin’s rapidly changing local food system to make the biggest impact we can. We’re stepping up where we’re needed and stepping back where we’re not. With this in mind, starting January 2020, we will no longer be hosting our own Public Cooking Classes. Instead we are opening up our space for others to teach cooking classes of their own!

SFC Will Be a Host Space For New Culinary Teachers

We started teaching public classes six years ago and we loved building this program with all of you. Our guest teachers have grown with us and are thriving - they don’t need us to connect them with local food, or help build their audience. We’ll pass on our knowledge to new teachers as we shift to our new model of serving as a host space for the cooking class community. In that way, we will continue to be a home for affordable, local cooking classes.

We will maintain a list of people who teach at SFC on our website. If you have a favorite instructor, please encourage them to keep teaching, and follow them on social media to learn about upcoming classes.

Think you might want to teach in our kitchen? Contact about our rental pricing.

Our Thanks To Everyone for Their Ongoing Support

We are immensely grateful to our instructors, participants, and the farmers who produced the food we prepared.

Note: This change is only for public classes. You can still book private group cooking classes and find our free series around town in communities with high rates of diet-related disease.