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Help Us Keep Local Food Available for All During COVID-19

Watch the video above for an update from our Executive Director, Ronda Rutledge, at the SFC Farmers' Market Downtown on Saturday, April 4th.

Through times of hardship and times of plenty, through both rain and shine, our farmers' plant and harvest, and we show up every Saturday at our SFC Farmers' Markets. Now more than ever, it is essential that we continue our vital services - advocating for our local farmers and providing access to healthy food for everyone in Austin.

That's why we reached out to you last week and asked for your support. The cancellation of our Farm to Plate fundraiser was a huge loss to our organization, and we need to raise $300,000 to make up that shortfall.

Because of the support of individuals like you, we are 61% of the way to that goal! We can’t believe how many donations we received in response to our appeal, in addition to the individuals and sponsors who converted their Farm to Plate purchases into donations, sponsors like Farm Credit Bank, HEB and Silicons Labs. We’re super grateful for this outpouring of support!

We are getting closer to our goal, and now thanks to Still Water Foundation, we have a generous $25,000 matching grant! That means your donation made today will be matched - DOUBLING the impact of your gift!

Please, help us continue our critical services with a gift today. Your investment will ensure that healthy, local food is available for everyone in Austin during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.