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Celebrating Pride Month

Last fall, we wrote about SFC’s journey toward building a culture of belonging. This pride month more than ever, we celebrate our LGBTQIA+ community and we acknowledge and honor those that fought for equality in generations past. SFC’s mission is to cultivate a just and regenerative food system so people and the environment can thrive.

We have work to do as a community to help all people thrive, and SFC is dedicated to this effort. Over the past few years, SFC has committed time and resources to make our physical and emotional space more inclusive. Through professional training, research, and collaboration we have made modifications to our space, communications, and operations, which we believe helps to foster a culture shift.

In the spirit of pride month, we wanted to provide an update on our process and share some of the more tangible developments we have made as an organization:

🌈 Conducted an appreciative inquiry to find gaps and opportunities in programming and operations

🌈 Added pronouns added to signature blocks

🌈 Updated bathroom signage to list function (toilets and urinals) instead of gender

🌈 Brought in professionals to train staff on LGBTQIA+ populations and the intersection of racial justice and food access

🌈 Secured grant funding for professional consulting to update and improve communications and programming with LGBTQIA+ lens

🌈 Expanded gender options in our internal database

🌈 Expanded gender options included on surveys and intake forms

We know that while some of these changes may be small, they help contribute to an environment where our LGBTQIA+ staff, board, and community members feel more represented at SFC.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community and learning and growing with us!