Staff in Garden 2018

A Love Letter

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It’s hard to put into words the way I feel about my time with Sustainable Food Center. The best way I know to do it is to write a love letter – to the staff, to my board, to our partners, and the community that we walk alongside. I’ve never before worked with a team of such dedicated individuals, in service to food justice, to environmental healing, to supporting the livelihood of local growers. The SFC staff truly walks the talk, and I’ve been inspired on more than one occasion to be a better human being because of them. My beloved board members have dedicated countless hours, opened many doors, shared their expertise, and generously supported this agency – I’m thrilled to call several of them lifelong friends.

I love our community partners, who are too numerous to name but who, in coordination with us, work tirelessly every single day toward a more just, regenerative food system and for the wellbeing of individuals and families. And I love the tenacity of the families we collectively serve, their inherent leadership to overcome systemic barriers and to thrive, teaching us all the value of kindness, gratitude, and generosity of spirit. What I value the most is working with and being with all of these people, truly feeling connected to others and to our shared hopes and dreams. I feel honored and humbled to have had almost 15 years with these lovely staff, board, and community members and cannot wait to see what’s ahead for this amazing agency.

Thank you, Central Texas, for supporting our work and ensuring that even during a global pandemic, we can provide the services that the community entrusts us to provide, keeping our core values of connectedness, equity, and sustainability front and center. As I wrap up my time at SFC, I’m asking you to continue your investment in things that truly matter – a robust local food system and food justice for all!

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With love

– Ronda

PS: See below for a photo gallery filled with memories of my time with SFC over the years.

Ronda Rutledge and Laura Estes

With Laura Estes

Ronda, Jess and Becca

With Jess Gaffney and Becca Montjoy

Christmas Sweater day

Staff Christmas sweater day

Ronda, Joyce and Rhonda

With Joyce and Rhonda

Ronda, JP and Fayruz

With John Paul DeJoria and Fayruz Benyousef

SFC Board 2019

SFC Board 2019

Staff fun in 2016

Staff fun in 2016

Staff at Escape Room in 2016

Staff at Escape Room in 2016

Staff  at Garden Construction Day

Staff at Garden Construction Day

Ronda and Angela

Photobooth fun with Angela Osborn

Ronda, Cory, Erika

With Erika Levack and Cory Leahy

Staff at Garden Opening

Staff at Garden Opening

Fayruz, Ronda, Angela

With Fayruz Benyousef and Angela Osborn at Farm to Plate 2014

Staff and Board at the Triangle

Staff and Board at the SFC Farmers' Market at the Triangle in 2014

Leadership Austin 2017

Leadership Austin 2017


With Leslie and Leti at Farm to Plate

Ronda and Suzanne

With Suzanne Santos at SFC Staff Retreat in 2014

Tom Philpott and Raj Patel

With Tom Philpott and Raj Patel

Suzanne Santos, Andrew Smiley and Debi Vanwey

With Suzanne Santos, Andrew Smiley and Debi Vanwey

Staff in Garden 2018

Staff in Garden 2018


With Jennifer Mueller, Natalie Mendoza Scott, and Cory Leahy at Farm to Plate 2018


With Julián Castro, Eric Cooper, and Lloyd Doggett

Ronda, Kathy, Edwin

With Kathy Green and Edwin Marty

Sara, Angela and Robyn

With Sara, Angela and Robyn

At Green Gate Farms

At Green Gate Farms in 2015

Ronda, Andrew, Sari and Joy

With Andrew Smiley, Sari Albornoz, and Joy Casnovsky

Ronda, Carol Ann and Tracy

With Carol Ann and Tracy

Ronda and Tara

Ronda and Nikhil

With Nikhil Kumar at SFC Garden Construction Day

Laura, Ronda, Brenda

With Laura Estes and Brenda Thompson

Ronda and Roberto

With Roberto Rodriguez


One Voice Central Texas Holiday Party

Ronda, Simone, Joy

With Simone Benz and Joy Casnovsky

Ronda and Robin

With Robin O'Neil at SFC Farmers' Market Downtown

SFC Board 2020

SFC Board 2020

With Addie Broyles

With Addie Broyles

Ronda and Brandi

With Brandi Clark Burton