Grow Local

Food is homegrown.

SFC's Grow Local program offers Central Texas residents the knowledge and resources necessary to grow their own food.

Our Citizen Gardener class series provide new gardeners, and gardeners new to Central Texas, with a unique, holistic introduction to organic vegetable and food gardening. SFC's Grow Local classes in the Teaching Garden offer beginner and intermediate gardeners hands-on opportunities to expand their food growing knowledge. Free, Basic Organic Gardening classes ensure that all Central Texas residents can learn about gardening despite limited financial resources. School and Community Garden Leadership Trainings guide teachers, parents, and community members through the process of starting and maintaining school and community gardens. Spread the Harvest reduces financial barriers to food growing by providing free resources to low-income gardeners and to school and community gardens.


Learn to sustainably grow your own food by taking one of SFC's Grow Local many free and for-fee gardening classes or trainings. Proceeds from our for-fee classes support free gardening classes and resources offered to individuals and families in need.


Citizen Gardener offers new gardeners, and gardeners new to Central Texas, with a unique, holistic introduction to food gardening in Austin and Travis County, and it inspires gardeners to share their knowledge with their friends, neighbors and communities.


Community gardens offer individuals and families space to grow their own food, regardless of where they live. They also improve urban landscapes by turning underutilized lots into vibrant green spaces, and they create opportunities for neighbors and gardeners to form lifelong friendships.


For over 30 years, Grow Local has been helping local residents start and sustain school gardens by connecting parents, teachers, and community members with the resources and education they need in order to plan, fund, build, sustain, and advocate on behalf of school gardens.


The J.P.’s Peace, Love, and Happiness Foundation Teaching Garden is SFC's home garden for classes, student field trips, tours, and drop-in visits. It offers hands-on demonstrations of sustainable food gardening as well as food growing techniques suited to Central Texas' hot, arid climate.


Spread the Harvest is a unique, resource sharing program that reduces financial barriers to food gardening by providing schools and low-income local residents with free gardening materials, including plants, compost, seeds, and fertilizer. The program also seeks to alleviate hunger by encouraging gardeners to share their harvest with friends, neighbors, and food pantries.


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