Grow Local

Food is homegrown.

SFC's Grow Local program offers the resources and education to empower children and adults in Central Texas to grow their own food to alleviate hunger and for the health of their families, their communities, and the environment.

Backyard, school, and community gardens offer nutritious, affordable food to individuals and community members. Gardens provide opportunities for neighbors to promote food security and environmentally sound food production practices, and to work towards food sovereignty and self-sufficiency. We envision a future where more community members grow their own food, where people in all neighborhoods have access to fresh, healthy food, and where everyone has the freedom and the opportunity to work towards greater food sovereignty and self-sufficiency.


Growing your own food is fun and therapeutic, and sharing the food you grow with a friend, family member, or food pantry is extremely satisfying. The Spread the Harvest resource program encourages you to do both!


A ten-hour, hands-on course divided into three sessions. Empowers individuals to grow their own food and inspires them to share this knowledge with others.


Community gardens offer the opportunity for everyone to grow their own food. They also build lifelong friendships, transform underutilized lots into vibrant gathering places, and improve access to fresh, affordable fruits and veggies.


SFC’s Grow Local program has been helping to start and sustain school gardens for over 30 years by connecting people to the resources and education they need in order to act on behalf of their own school and community.


The J.P.’s Peace, Love, and Happiness Foundation Teaching Garden is Sustainable Food Center’s home garden for hands-on classes, field trips for youth, tours, and drop-in visitors. The Teaching Garden offers hands-on opportunity to demonstrate sustainable food gardening techniques appropriate for the Central Texas climate—where water is a particularly scarce and precious resource.


Learn to grow your own food sustainably by taking one of the many classes and trainings offered by Grow Local. All proceeds from our for-fee classes support free gardening classes and resources for families in need.


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