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We cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. SFC envisions a food secure community where all children and adults grow, share and prepare healthy, local food.

Upcoming Events


Break it Down: Essential Knife Skills

March 31, 2015 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Preparing a healthy, delicious meal is so much easier when you know how to handle a knife. In this class, you’ll learn how to chop, julienne, dice and chiffonade like a pro. Also, you’ll learn how to properly select, sharpen, care for and store your knife so it lasts a lifetime. And, the bonus...


Deep Roots: Bees & Beekeeping

April 4, 2015 10am - 12:30pm

Pollinators are essential for the production of the majority of fruits and vegetables in our gardens, and honeybees are some of the most visible pollinators around. Learn about bees with SFC and Austin Bees in this interactive workshop. We will be discussing why you should care about honeybees...


Get Growing: Growing Herbs

April 8, 2015 6pm - 7:30pm

Fresh herbs make flavorful, seasonal and healthy cooking a snap—and there’s nothing better than having your own herb garden for inspiration. Join Grow Local and The Happy Kitchen in a two-part class to learn all about growing and cooking with herbs!*

Join us in the garden on April 8th for...


Farm to Plate

May 14, 2015 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary by purchasing a table at this year’s Farm to Plate event on May 14th at Barr Mansion!

We’re delighted to have Lynn and Tom Meredith as honorary co-chairs at the only fundraising...


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