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We cultivate a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. SFC envisions a food secure community where all children and adults grow, share and prepare healthy, local food.

Upcoming Events


Introduction to Food Gardening

March 5, 2016 9am - 1pm, March 12, 2016 9am - 1pm

Are you new to gardening or to gardening in Central Texas? Would you benefit from a holistic introduction to organic, sustainable food gardening? If yes, then SFC's Grow Local Introduction to Food Gardening class is just for you! This 2-part series provides participants with the knowledge and...


Amplify Austin

March 8, 2016 6pm - March 9, 2016 6pm

On March 8-9, 2016, we'll be participating in Amplify Austin 2016, a city-wide celebration of giving. On this day, we ask you to join with us in building a stronger, better food system here in Austin: for...


Seasonal Immune Boosting

March 10, 2016 6:30pm - 8:30pm

The return of spring doesn’t have to mean being sidelined by seasonal illnesses and allergies. There are lots of great-tasting, seasonal foods that can help you reduce cold, flu and allergy symptoms and improve your immunity.

Join Chef and Nutritionist Amy Reynolds and learn recipes and...


Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

March 23, 2016 6pm - 8pm

Do you want to garden but live in an apartment or a house with little or no yard? Worry not! Instead, join SFC's Grow Local for a lesson in the art of container gardening. Topics include the benefits and challenges of container gardening, types of containers, space requirements for different...


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