Farm Direct

Food is connection.

SFC's Farm Direct promotes access to fresh, healthy food by connecting local farmers to schools, worksites, food service operations and Austin shoppers through a network of farmers’ markets, strengthening our local economy. We envision a future where everyone in our community sources a significant portion of their food from local farmers and ranchers.

Our four weekly SFC Farmers' Markets are vibrant events that connect local growers and shoppers to ensure that local, healthy food gets on your plates at home.

Our direct marketing projects—Farm to Work, Farm to Cafeteria, Farm to School, and Farm to Family—connect local farmers with hospitals, universities, schools, and worksites to provide fresh produce to individuals and institutions and strengthen the local economy.


Farm to Work is an employee wellness and Farm Direct marketing project that delivers farm-fresh, locally grown produce right to employees at partner worksites. The program provides farmers with a reliable and economically viable marketing outlet.


Since 2005, SFC has worked with Austin-area hospitals, universities, and other institutions to implement a Farm to Cafeteria program. Our institutional partners are committed to supporting local farms and providing their customers with the freshest seasonal produce available — all locally grown using sustainable methods. Sustainable Food Center (SFC) serves as the vital link between farmers and buyers by coordinating weekly orders and managing delivery, billing, and payment disbursements to farmers.


Food is discovery. Sprouting Healthy Kids is Sustainable Food Center's farm-to-school and food systems education project. Local food in school cafeterias and other farm-to-school efforts provide access to nutritious food and help build knowledge and relationship with healthy food systems. Sprouting Healthy Kids enables young people to make positive decisions concerning their own health and nutrition and the health of their families and their communities.


The Farm to Family program is an exciting new program that delivers baskets of farm-fresh, local produce directly to school communities every other week. The program offers parents, teachers, and faculty increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and addresses some key barriers many people face when trying to add more fruits and vegetables to their diets.


Farm Direct Projects Farmer Participation Application

If you are a farmer and are interested in participating in any of the SFC Farm Direct projects - Farm to Work, Farm to Cafeteria, Farm to School, or Farm to Family - please fill out our online application »

***We have a separate application process for the SFC Farmers' Markets. If you would like to participate in the SFC Farmers' Markets, please see our FAQ page for guidelines and how to apply.***


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