Texas Farms. Texas Food.

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We love Central Texas. With countless parks, restaurants, and endless activities, it 's a wonderful place to call home.

So attractive is our way of life, that the Austin-Round Rock metro area has grown by an average of 55,500 people every year. But this rapid growth has increased pressures on our local food system. Availability of affordable farmland and access to fresh, healthy food for lower-income residents is becoming harder to find.

In fact, Travis County lose 6 football fields worth of farmland every day. Development has driven up the cost of land, making it harder for new farmers to get their start in growing local, sustainable food.

We must act now to support our local farmers and protect access to fresh, healthy food. If we don't, there will be negative consequences for our environment and our health.

That's why we are asking for your help today.

Over the last year, we have worked to develop a new vision for our Central Texas food system. We asked ourselves, “What are the challenges facing the Central Texas food system, and what can we do face them head on? The result is a reimagined mission and goals, and new programs designed to increase the availability, access, and consumption of healthy, local food.

When you donate to SFC today, you help us to start our new programs that will provide the support farmers need today.

You can help us launch our Farm Viability program, that will work to support small and mid-sized local farms and ensure their lasting success.

You can help us develop land preservation policies to combat farmland loss.

You can help us increase farm profits by tackling the supply chain – giving farmers the support they need to get their food direct from the farm to you.

Join us and grow a thriving new vision for our Central Texas food system.