SFC Sustainer Circle


We are so grateful to our SFC Sustainer Circle supporters!

This group of incredible supporters have invested in our mission and partnered in our vision of a thriving food system where everyone can grow, share and prepare healthy, local food.

These supporters, at the following levels, receive extra special thanks from all of us at SFC. Want to join with these individuals and show your support for healthy, local food? Donate to SFC today!

Grow Level



Special Thanks:

  • Name included on SFC's website

Share Level



Special Thanks:

  • Name included on SFC’s website

Prepare Level



Special Thanks:

  • Invitation to an exclusive dinner with a high-profile Austin chef, as well as an invitation to SFC Farmers' Market and garden gatherings.
  • Name included on SFC’s lobby website


SFC Sustainer Circle Supporters

We are so grateful to the following individuals who have donated at our SFC Sustainer Circle levels.

We'd also like to recognize our founding members who donated during its inaugural year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017). Collectively, these individuals helped us raise over $60,000 to support our mission. Founding members are denoted with an * below.

This list is current as of September 26, 2019.

Prepare Level

Mason Arnold*

Mary Bakatsa

Charles Grant Charitable Foundation*

Gloria and Anthony Chen

Donna Clay

Laura Estes and Joyce Lauck

Darren and Tracy Geyer

Karrie and Tim League*

Katy and Clay Levit*

Jody Madden

Robyn and Bob Metcalfe

Jared Price and Linda Connor-

Keely Citizen Redding and Erik Redding

William & Jennifer Sargent

Barry and Laura Smith

Nancy and Chris Spencer*

Naomi and Jon Weiner

Share Level

Andrea Amico and Derek Nelson

Mark Anderson

Keely Doering

Lauren Doering

Ariane Beck

Jennifer Greenberg

Stella Harper

Julie and Tom Hudnall

Sara Maxwell*

Michelle Moore

Desmond Ng

James and Angela Osborn

Nathan Wilkes and Caitlin Macklin

Grow Level

Lissa Adams and Luis Martinez

Arnold Foundation

Steve Beard*

Fayruz Benyousef and Malek Ben-Musa

Taylor Brown

Amon Burton*

Gloria and Anthony Chen

Erica and Damien Clark*

Donna Clay

Lonnie and Polly Cooper

Beverly Dale*

Carrie and Nick Dyer*

Felipe Fernandes

Margaret and Robert Garcia

David Garraway*

Tammy Goforth

Brian and Aimee Gordon*

Suzanne and Jim Goudge*

Tracey Haas and Tim Gueramy*

Eric Harslem and Lorraine Clasquin

Claudette Hartman

Ralph Hasson and Mary Beth Murphy*

Alan Hendrickson

Michelle Hernandez

Raina Hornaday

Dr. Diane Jenkins and Logan Jenkins

Heather Keating

Kristi Katz*

Cory and Kevin Leahy*

Kevin and Lu Leede

Erika and Andrew Levack*

Richard Linklater and Tina Harrison*

Ryan McDermott

Ian and Amy McAbeer*

Annie and Mark McKinnon

Christine McManus

Leah Mesches and Robert Messner

William Montjoy and Adriana Hernandez

James and Janice Newell

Desmond Ng*

Terez Percenti*

Matthew and Alisha Quagliana

Amy and Jim Rodman

Valerie Romero Foohey

Randy Sarosdy and Molly Bray

Steve and Jodi Semelsberger*

Dr. Shelly Sethi*

Nancy Scanlan and John Watson

Brigid Shea and John Umphress

Irene Shoghi

Brandi Sims

Kim and Alex Smith

Mary Summerall and Anne Woods*

Joel and Elisa Sumner

Kirsten Tollefson-Serra

Steven Tomlinson and Eugene Sepulveda

Paul and Heidi Toprac

SueAnn Wade-Crouse and Roy Crouse

Jennifer Vickers and Lee Walker*

Colin and Michelle Wallis*

David Webber and Ransom Baldasare*

Wendy Wheless and John Cluley

Kris Wong