Community Food Gardening Classes

This three-part food gardening class series is offered for free at host sites located in communities facing health disparities and food insecurity. The classes cover the basics of starting and caring for a food garden, including sun and soil needs, growing seasons, planting techniques, container gardening, organic pest control, and composting. The curriculum and class structure emphasize participatory, hands-on learning, and students spend half of each class outside working in and observing food gardens.

Each week, participants meet for one-two hour session to learn and garden together. The series is led by trained facilitators who have been growing food in Central Texas for years. The class series is unique because it:

  • Provides compost, potting soil, pots, plants and seeds to participants for their own gardens
  • Teaches participants about both in-ground and container gardening
  • Promotes organic gardening
  • Teaches participants how to start and sustain food gardens in affordable ways
  • Places emphasis on Central Texas’ unique climate and soils

Classes are offered in English or Spanish.

Bring a Food Gardening Class to Your Community

To learn more about how to bring free food gardening class to your community, please email or call Mia Burger, Grow Local Education Coordinator: